Ceiling Concealed Duct is an invisible split unit with inverter technology, this solution is suitable for applications that require interior aesthetics. It provides a wide range of cooling capacities, it also operates for multiple areas. CCD Model has the highest EER comparing to GCC country standard.

LG CCD -Ceiling Concealed Duct - Ecovair Solutions.

CCD system features

LG CCD Tropical Compressor - Ecovair Solutions.

Longest Piping Length up to 50m total

Tropical Compressor (0 – 54 °C)

Fewer breakdowns/less downtime

Two Thermistors Control

LG CCD Control - Ecovair Solutions.

All line-up is Inverter Compressor

Superior Efficiency (EER=12.4)

Quick Cooling

Compact Design

External Static Pressure (ESP) Control

All line-up is single-phase (18K: 60K)

Warranty: 5 years for compressor & 2 years for the product

LG CCD compact design - Ecovair Solutions.