LG Split AC with dual inverter

LG Split air conditioning with dual inverter compressor provides significant energy savings up to 60%, real comfort, and powerful cooling. It consists of two main parts, an outdoor unit with a smarter inverter and an indoor unit with various types.

LG Split AC with dual inverter- Ecovair Solutions

LG Split AC with dual inverter features 

Energy Saving

60% energy saving

LG Split AC with dual inverter- Ecovair Solutions30% faster cooling

Jet Cool


Low Noise & Comfort Air

Air Sterilization and Deodorization
Dual Protection Filter

Plasma Ionizer (sterilize over 99% of adhering bacteria)


Screen to show electricity consumption (kilowatts)

10 years warranty on the compressor
5 years warranty on the device

Gold Fin™

High/Low Volt care


Smart ThinQTM

Smart display

Smart Diagnosis

Stylish ARTCOOL Design

B2B Central Control

 4 Way Auto Swing